Keeping construction workers safe with an interactive training platform.

Willmott Dixon

Over the past 8 years the team at Tribus Digital has been using our digital expertise to help transform the way construction companies operate.

Tier 1 construction companies employ on average 80 to 100 thousand operatives every year and have a statutory and moral obligation to ensure all of those operatives are safe on site.

Tribus Digital engaged with the relevant Willmott Dixon & Supply Chain stakeholders during a period of Discovery to shake up the current approach to Health and Safety training and challenge the fundamental foundation upon which safety on site sits. Together, we identified that the biggest opportunity was the Induction process - the first contact, the first impression!

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Accident frequency rate onsite has halved
Hours saved in training time
£1.78 Million+
A staggering £1.78 million+ saved in operative time

As a team, we developed a health and safety training platform; mi | pre-enrolment, to ensure all of those operatives are safe on site. Built using a Laravel backend with a custom CMS (content management system) to manage operatives and enrolment questions. mi|pre-enrolment is accessible prior to arriving on site and operatives complete an online enrolment process.

Once complete, the operative arrives on day 1 and pending a short site orientation is ready to start working safely.


Operative carries out \Lpre-enrolment online


On completion operative is issued with unique reference number (URN)


Operative arrives on site and provides site manager with their URN


Site manager searches for inductee record and checks qualifications, identity and right to work


Site manager verifies operative as safe to work on site


Verified operative is configured for site access

Mapping out the process

Together, Tribus Digital and Willmott Dixon confiscated the clipboards and shredded the handouts. Using state-of-the-art design methodologies, we worked to forge a path towards the perfect orientation product to reduce AFRs.

The System

The pre-enrolment system was developed to meet the needs and skills of the users, whilst also providing vital reporting data for Willmott Dixon to continue to build & improve on the systems' success

A responsive solution

mi|pre-enrolment is designed to work across multiple devices so that enroling is as simple as possible

Video Production

Tribus Digital created a suite of bespoke videos to bring to life the heath and safety rules and scenarios on a busy construction site, acting as rich content for the user to engage with.

Using a blend of motion graphics, animations and live video the users is able to view the video and then answer questions to ensure they have fully understood the regulations needed to keep them and their co-workers safe on site, all day, every day.

Help desk Integration

All Tribus Digital applications come with a dedicated help desk chat function, manned by our team and accessible for clients and their end-users. By supporting mi|pre-enrolment with the help desk chat function, we are able to ensure the smooth enrolment of the many 1000s of Operatives using the system every month.

Real time data

The dedicated help desk also provides us with valuable reporting and allows us to quickly identify minor pain points and make adjustments in real time.

Saving Lives

The benefits are revolutionary.

Willmott Dixon Accident Frequency Rate onsite has halved (Bureau Veritas have validated a 50% reduction in our Accident Frequency Rate).

We believe that we are not only providers of digital excellence, but we are also providers of safer working environments. The digital platform has been so successful we are rolling it out to multiple UK construction companies on license through, ensuring operatives continue to get home safely to their families.

Tribus has been an instrumental part of our team, helping us to solve complex business challenges. The results have been outstanding. If our system was adopted across the industry imagine the difference it could make, and the lives it could save. This is a new and exciting era for health and safety!

Gary Ketch
Group Principal Health, Safety & Environmental Inspector, Willmott Dixon

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