Quicker, more accurate logging of H&S observations that occur on today's busy construction sites.

Willmott Dixon

All UK construction companies in the UK are obligated to report on Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) data.

Traditional recording methods are time consuming and are inconsistent from site to site. As such, they cost more to produce, offer little in the way of data consistency and take up significant space to store them for the legally required time of three years.

Tribus Digital designed and built a native mobile application that allows Willmott Dixon to take a proactive approach to capturing and better storing SHE incidents. By having all the information incident data across all their projects in one place – available at the click of a button - Willmott Dixon can paint a bigger and more valuable picture of their safety, health and environment record.

Accurate and consistent data sets allows for quicker and more accurate analysis of data, helping Willmott Dixon to identify trends and put the necessary measures in place to reduce the number of incidents on site.

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Achievements & Benefits

Complete consistency with real time reporting
Accurate historical data in one place – useful for auditing purposes
A working week saved every year in collating manual reports
A slicker and more convenient tool

A lightweight, sophisticated App

The App features accurate reports on SHE accidents and incidents, as well as tracking items such as enforcement visits, dangerous occurrences and service strikes.

Tribus Digital worked with the internal stakeholders both on and offsite to gather the requirements of the various user groups including SHE coordinators, site managers, regional and group SHE managers.

As the App was built specifically to be used on construction sites, it was important that the user experience suited that of someone working on a construction site. Therefore the application was robustly created and tested on location.


The SHE App takes full advantage of the capabilities available on a mobile device making it quicker and much easier to log incident and accident records:

  • Take and upload photos from a device

  • Offline data capture when no internet connection is available – often problematic on newly established construction sites

  • Pending records are automatically synced when the user gains connectivity

  • Location aware (GPS), so the user can pick the relevant location/site

  • Personalised, relevant and timely notifications

  • Integrates with crucial internal reporting systems

  • Streamlined workflows

I have worked with Tribus Digital on transforming our on-site health and safety data capture process. The team at Tribus Digital took the time to really get under the skin of the project and understand the challenges our colleagues face capturing essential data on a construction sites. They delivered a truly innovative solution, which has transformed the way we capture, manage and report our health and safety data.

The team truly are an extension of our own.

Mark Clarke
Senior Health, Safety and Environmental Manager | Willmott Dixon

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