Digitising the Construction Industry

Digitising the construction industry refers to the process of integrating digital technologies into various aspects of construction, from design and planning to project management and execution and project review.  Digital adoption is critical for the future of the construction industry because it offers numerous benefits that can help overcome some of the industry's long-standing challenges. 

The Construction Playbook, published in September 2022, outlines the key strategies and objectives the construction industry must align to build an efficient and sustainable future.  It states that adopting digital technologies in the delivery of projects and programs is essential to improving carbon and sustainability outcomes.  As well as that, it highlights the importance of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), a term that describes alternatives to traditional methods, with the potential to deliver significant improvements in productivity, efficiency, and quality.  

Evidence from the UKRI Transforming Construction Challenge demonstrates that digitising construction delivers significant economic, social, and environmental benefits.  Here are some reasons why digitising the industry can reap so many benefits in the future:

Enhancing efficiency and productivity
Digitisation can help construction companies streamline operations, reduce waste, and improve productivity, which can help improve project outcomes, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

Improving collaboration and communication
Digital tools can help construction teams collaborate and communicate more effectively, reducing errors and misunderstandings and improving overall project efficiency and outcomes.

Enhancing safety and risk management
Digital technologies can help identify potential occupational and environmental hazards and risks, worker safety, and improve training and communication, helping to improve overall safety on construction sites.

Improving sustainability
Technology can help optimise resource use, reduce waste, and improve energy efficiency, all of which can help make construction more sustainable.

What are the challenges?

The benefits of digitising the industry can often be overshadowed by the process of adopting new technologies and the challenges that companies face when trying to invest and implement new systems and software, including;

Resistance to change
One of the biggest challenges in digital adoption is resistance to change. Construction companies may be hesitant to invest in new technologies, change existing processes, or train workers on new systems and tools.  Implementing these changes takes time, money, knowledge, and ongoing support.

Fragmented systems and processes
The construction industry involves numerous stakeholders, from designers and architects to contractors and subcontractors. This fragmentation can make it difficult to implement digital systems that require coordination and collaboration across different teams.

Data management and integration
Often, construction companies generate vast amounts of data, and using this data for change can be challenging, particularly when different systems and tools are used.

Implementing digital technologies can be expensive, and construction companies may be reluctant to invest in these systems if they do not see an immediate return on investment. 

How can Tribus help companies to adopt digital?

Integrated support 
At Tribus, we pride ourselves on building trusted relationships with our customers where we become an integrated part of their team.  We have dedicated Project Managers that are an extension of the working group and understand the complex needs and challenges that teams face.

As well as our project management teams, Tribus provides a dedicated in-house Helpdesk function, providing ongoing support directly to end users at launch and throughout the life cycle of the products we create for the companies we work alongside through a chat function, email, and phone support.

Onboarding and embedding 
As well as our Helpdesk function, we also offer a range of support to help roll out new digital projects in your organisation.   This can include a variety of media from training videos, knowledge bank articles, and tutorials to help educate users on key features and updates.

We have also created Project Hubs for our clients where they can showcase all of their digital projects in one place, company-wide, and communicate their mission as well as all of the benefits that the projects have achieved.

Understand & define
We believe in shared understanding throughout any project in order to create a more cohesive approach that delivers the best results.  Our multi-skilled delivery team works across all stages of a project including discovery, design, and development, and are immersed in the detail with you, from day 1.   

Data management & integration
With Tribus’ data division, we take away what can often feel like the burden of an overwhelming amount of data.  We help you consolidate vast quantities of data into one data warehouse, from here, we then provide self-serve, automated reports where new data flows into the database and produce live reporting without any resources required from the customer.  

Insights that drive investment 
Our technologies help companies to consolidate vast quantities of data that can help measure performance against key performance indicators, which in turn identifies where improvements can be made and how businesses can optimise their operations and improve profitability.  But being able to show a return on investment for these technologies, and provide strategic insight for senior management and board-level stakeholders, makes the process of gaining buy-in and future investment in technology much easier.

Overall, digital adoption can help the construction industry overcome some of its longstanding challenges, improve efficiency, productivity, and safety, and meet the growing demand for sustainable construction practices. As such, the construction industry's future is closely tied to digital adoption, and companies that embrace these technologies are likely to be more competitive and successful in the years to come.

Speak to Tribus today about how we can support you on your digital journey. Get in touch with us here.

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