Data Services

Strategy, design & Implementation

At Tribus, we understand the value of data and insights. We create operational excellence for you through our tailor-made business intelligence reports.

To gain a competitive advantage, you first have to understand what is happening, why, and how something should be solved, reversed, or improved. This is where we can help.

Data services

  • Data roadmap
  • Data modelling
  • Value driven visualisations
  • Maintenance and support

Our Process


Data and Insight Strategy / Roadmap

Ensuring your data and insight strategy is aligned to your overarching business strategy.

Data Discovery

Working with you to understand what data you have available within the business.

Requirement Gathering

Learning about your business and its reporting needs so we can build a data solution that adds real value.


Data Modelling

Creating data models that ensure you have the right data at the right time.

Report Creation & Automation - Self Service

Building self-service reporting suites to drive value added activity and give you insight on key business drivers. 


Putting reports through their paces to make sure they provide your one source of truth.


Report Maintenance & Support

Managing existing reporting and offering our experience in response to any change requests.


Training end users to ensure they are able to use each report to its full potential.


Where are you on your data journey?

To progress your data capabilities, we need to understand where you are on your data journey. Becoming a data-driven business requires the building blocks of data gathering, data storage, and data analytics to be in place. Our process is the basis of creating an analytical roadmap for delivering multiple advantages and opportunities for your business.

Methodology Chart

Why do it?

How does this impact your business?

Without a reporting structure in place, departments often do their own thing. They report on what they think is important while allocating vital resource to producing the same static reports. Having an automated and structured reporting suite in place means you can allocate that resource to data interpretation and direction; adding value to your business.

The advantages

  • Adopting this reporting structure creates consistency throughout your business structure

  • Your people are all working towards the same goal

  • Focuses your business on finding opportunities / efficiencies

  • Easier to hold managers accountable and recognise performance


Make better decisions by leveraging the power of your data.

Streamlined reporting

Consolidation of reporting to remove duplication and minimise effort by creating a central reporting environment.

Real-time view

No more out-of-date reports and wasting allocated resource to produce them.

Interactive filtering

Transforming a report into a multi-functional environment where business-critical questions are answered.

Consistent data

One source of truth. No more discussions about where the data came from and who produced it.

Actionable insight

Providing insight and identifying areas for improvement. Decisions are based on fact rather than gut feel.

Centralised data

Joining the dots. Consolidation of multiple data sources to enable cross-functional reporting.

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