Tribus Data: Driving Insights with Transparent Reporting

Tribus loves a dashboard. Our data and insight teams possess extensive experience in business analytics and data strategy are equipped with a robust combination of people, processes, and technology. We specialise in providing a comprehensive range of services, including BI review, gap analysis, and roadmap development.

With proficiency in creating KPI reports, designing and implementing BI reports, facilitating custom reports and scheduled data visual refreshes, we emphasise driving value through data. Tribus Digital offers mobile dashboard solutions for on-the-go analytics and ensure role-level security (RLS) and scorecards are implemented for enhanced data governance.

Tribus also takes pride in our data modelling capabilities, employing techniques such as calculating measures using DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) and implementing data relationships using the Star Schema (Kimble). Our data and insight team collaborates seamlessly with our digital marketing teams to produce partner performance and monitoring reports, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives.

Our analytics process model follows a systematic approach:

Strategy - Understanding business decision-making needs

Capture - Building database solutions for effective tracking

Model - Structuring data for regular reporting and analytics

Analysis - Conducting in-depth analysis to address business decisions

Translate - Extracting actionable insights from the analysis

Optimising Processes and Centralising Data to Drive Strategic Insights

When partnering with clients, we focus on streamlining processes to eliminate duplication and centralise data, creating a single source of truth. Our value-driven mentality enables us to generate actionable insights that influence and drive business strategy, ultimately fostering operational excellence.

We recognise the profound impact of data and insight on specific business departments, tailoring our approach to drill down into key performance indicators (KPIs) for management-level insights. Additionally, we utilise time-phased strategic KPIs to highlight trends for senior management and develop strategic business KPI documents for executive and leadership teams.

As a leading Leeds based digital transformation agency renowned for our meticulous review of projects, campaigns, and web analytics, we bring extensive expertise in generating comprehensive data dashboard. Our focus extends beyond basic assessments to delivering real-time reports, enabling swift optimisations to campaigns for enhanced performance and reduced cost per acquisition.

We recognise the proficiency of in-house insight teams and Tribus aim to complement their efforts by offering strategic support. We can collaborate to establish a centralised reporting database containing all essential metrics required by the business, facilitating streamlined data analysis and decision-making processes. Additionally, we offer assistance in further developing KPIs for business initiatives, ensuring consistency and alignment with organisational goals across the board.

As with all teams at Tribus Digital. this aligns with our test and learn approach, an ethos we deliver to all partners.

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