Delivering international cyber security insurance brand awareness campaigns

Major insurance enterprises maintain a vigilant watch over emerging risks. As these risks evolve, so too does the scope of their service offerings, expanding globally to maximise outreach and ensure that potential brokers are thoroughly informed about their comprehensive insurance options.


  • Digital Marketing
  • Data & Insights
  • Consultancy

The Impact


Actively engaged clicks to the site spanning across four territories


Individual campaigns implemented in 2023


Leads generated across the United States, Canada, Australia & the United Kingdom

Our Partnership

Our longstanding partners, CFC, a globally operating insurance underwriting business, sought to expand their reach to more prospective and qualified brokers. Their primary objective was to spotlight their Cyber Insurance policy, identified as an emerging risk within the insurance industry.

New to paid media advertising, CFC sought the expertise of Tribus' digital marketing team to lead their international brand awareness campaign. Leveraging our deep proficiency across digital, data analytics, and creative domains, we formulated a sophisticated test-and-learn framework.

This method involved conducting meticulous multivariate tests on creative iterations and audience segments, bolstered by real-time reporting infrastructure. Through this meticulously crafted approach, we provided the client with granularity in campaign performance metrics, facilitating agile decision-making and continuous optimisation.

Tribus now extends its offerings to CFC, encompassing lead generation and consultancy services alongside ongoing paid media brand awareness efforts. Our collaborative approach empowers their in-house team to execute finely tuned, data-driven campaigns strategically aligned with dynamic market trends. This synergy of expertise and innovation plays a pivotal role in propelling key business objectives forward

Digital Marketing


Developing multivariate testing options giving the client full scope of what could be achieved through their digital marketing output


Ensuring real-time insights from the digital marketing B2B activity are fed back into creative and audience strategies,


Taking our tests and learnings and implementing to build upon past results and deliver high performing digital marketing campaigns.

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