5 Technology Trends for 2023

With technology evolving at such a pace, allowing for innovation, critical change and progress within business, it is more important than ever to stay ahead of technology trends and be agile in the digital world.  Forecasting technology trends can help businesses build digital strategies for the future.

Here’s what we’re working on this year…

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI has always been an interesting and controversial topic and with the advent of text to image tools such as MidJourney, DALL-E and Stable Diffusion the topic is hotter than ever and further dividing opinions as people find new ways to integrate these tools into their own workflow.

We expect this trend will continue as AI starts becoming more embedded into web design and development processes. This could be from the creation of design templates to smarter chatbots and enhanced CMS/admin areas that will help site administrators predict user behaviours and help drive sales.


 2. Web 3

Web 3 has become the catch-all term for decentralised platforms that live on the blockchain. The rise of cryptocurrencies and NFTs has been a polarising topic since its inception but the idea of the blockchain can be applied to all manner of different situations and use-cases, including privacy, security, identity management and beyond.

We believe that the rise of blockchain tech will continue to grow and integrate more with websites and digital platforms. For example, a non-fungible token (NFT) does not only apply to buying digital artwork, it can also be used for verifying memberships for a website or signing a digital contract.


3. Greener Websites

We have seen a rise in companies becoming more and more green conscious. This is something that’s becoming more important than ever and is now, more than ever, considered company-wide from C-Suite to workers on the ground. Even more common are some of the younger workers investigating a company’s green policies before accepting a position (or even applying).

We expect to continue seeing a rise in companies considering the environmental impact of their digital assets and a move to reduce their footprint by addressing the amount of energy their services consume. This can range from the fonts used on a website to the server the website lives on.

This trend will also see the introduction of more “Dark modes” introduced on more websites. Not only does it reduce eye strain, but it consumes less energy and makes content more legible.


4. 3D 

Long gone are the days that you need a supercomputer to run 3D software. 3D has become more accessible than ever with some of the most popular 3D programs such as Blender free to use and an ever-growing community.

Along with this increased accessibility is the ever-approaching Metaverse which again is another polarising topic. One thing for sure is that virtual reality is becoming more popular year on year and is second to none when creating online immersive experiences.

 Recently awwwards released a list of their nominees for website of the year for 2022 (annual.awwwards.com/categories/site-of-the-year) with many of them featuring some form of 3D - we believe this trend will continue into 2023.


5. Single Page Applications (SPAs)

Single page websites and web applications are nothing new and are used every day by millions of users on some of the world’s largest platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Netflix and Google Maps but the technology behind SPAs is being used more and more.

SPAs dynamically rewrite the page content as the user navigates the pages making them more responsive and simpler to use for the end user. Furthermore, they make it easier from a development perspective to re-use the same code particularly when creating a mobile app.

Another benefit of SPAs is the ability to add bespoke page transitions, animations and micro-interactions to a website or application. This can be as simple as an infinite scroll associated with Facebook or more complex animations that are used when creating immersive website storytelling.

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Elliott Holmes
Lead Designer

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