How to… create a How-To video

Quorso is a company that helps retail businesses better plan and manage what goes on in their stores. Their software helps both regional managers and store managers increase sales, better manage their teams and set operational KPIs across the whole business. 

Tribus Digital has been working with the company to produce content and tools to showcase the benefits of their platform to prospective customers. One of these is an animated video that simply but effectively showcases how their product can improve a retail business. 

Here Tribus Digital’s creative director Nathan Parks explains the video creation process.

"Our starting point for the project was to take a script supplied by Quorso and physically sketch out a storyboard old-school style using a pen and paper. This quick visual representation helped give us the queues we needed to illustrate the key frames and assets that were then created in Adobe Illustrator.

Creating a storyboard helps to plan out the frame-by-frame animation.

Using 3D modelling and animation software Cinema 4D, we were then able to create a 3D shop floor scene and, with this model ready, we could set up a camera to move around it to create various sequences seen in the video. One of these is a ‘pan backwards’ sequence in a 2.5D effect – a technique that combines the use of 2D objects within a 3D space.

Once all the assets were ready, all composition and animation was carried out in Adobe After Effects – this is where all the movement was created and all the assets were comped in.

Ordinarily we’d start working on an animation with the voiceover in mind, but in this instance there was a delay in getting the final cut from the VO artist, so we had to be creative, tweaking and re-timing the animation to fit seamlessly with the voiceover. Retiming the animation with the voiceover and background music last allowed us to make some final edits that actually improved the overall pacing of the finished video. 

The last step in the process was the green light from our colleagues at Quorso. When this was received, we rendered out the video in the format required using Adobe Media Encoder before uploading the finished version to the Quorso site."

Check out the full video here

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Nathan Parks
Creative Director at Tribus Digital

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