Tribus Data: Deletion of Universal Analytics July 1st 2024

Since the release of Google Analytics 4 in October 2020 and the subsequent stop to data processing by Universal Analytics in July 2023, it's crucial that your web tracking and analytics are fully migrated to GA4, especially if they are integral to your business and website hygiene.

If you haven't yet transitioned to GA4, you can find more information on our GA4: Are You Ready insight page, where we hosted a webinar discussing GA4 migration and its implications for your business' website.

As with any platform migration, the eventual deletion of the old version was expected, though Google provided little information on this matter. Now, it has been confirmed that Google will delete all Universal Analytics properties, revoke all user access (including read-only), and erase all historic data on July 1st 2024.

What Does This Mean and What Can I Do?

Let's revisit when GA4 was introduced. The key aspect of this transition was the change in how user data was handled, rendering direct year-on-year data comparisons between the two platforms impossible and making our Universal Analytics accounts obsolete. Tribus collaborated with numerous partners to address this issue, working individually to extract relevant data for year-on-year reports, albeit through mostly speculative means.

Fast forward to today, and our Universal Analytics accounts are up for execution. Despite the challenge of integrating this data into GA4, it still offers valuable context for historical reporting, website activity, and marketing campaigns. While you may not routinely check this information, there may come a day when you wish to reference website traffic from a random day in 2019. Failing to backup your Universal Analytics data would render such retrospection impossible.

Your solution

Tribus is offering a solution to all partners by providing a backup and visualisation of your universal analytical data. We will export your relevant Universal Analytics data, store it, and provide a dashboard for easy visualisation.

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