Tribus Monthly Newsletter - May 2024

May has been a busy month at Tribus, marked by insightful developments and collaborative achievements. This month we discuss transparent reporting, CRO, the deletion of Universal Analytics, and new digital platform builds.

Driving Insights with Transparent Reporting

Our data and insights team has been hard at work enhancing our reporting capabilities. We've focused on delivering comprehensive BI reviews, gap analysis, and developing actionable roadmaps for partners. These improvements, including KPI reports and mobile dashboard solutions, empower our partners to make informed strategic decisions based on real-time data.

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Optimisation: Thinking Beyond CRO

In our continuous effort to push the boundaries of optimisation, we've been exploring strategies that extend beyond traditional conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Our latest initiatives include holistic approaches to improving user experience and engagement, ultimately driving better performance across digital platforms.

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Deletion of Universal Analytics - July 1st, 2024

With Google Analytics 4 now fully operational, it's crucial to ensure your web tracking has migrated from Universal Analytics, especially as all historical data and access will be deleted on July 1st, 2024.

When GA4 was introduced, it changed how user data is handled, making year-on-year comparisons with Universal Analytics impossible. Tribus has worked with partners to extract relevant data, though this was speculative.

Now, with Universal Analytics data deletion imminent, backing up this data is crucial. It still offers valuable context for historical reporting, even if it's not used regularly. Without a backup, referencing past website traffic will be impossible.

Contact your Tribus representative for assistance with data backup and visualisation.

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New Digital Platform for Boston Air

Tribus recently launched a new digital platform with our partner Boston Air, a leading supplier to the global aviation industry. The platform provides a live feed for recruitment alongside information and access to technical training courses.

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Tribus Social - The Three Peaks

We are excited to announce that Tribus is taking on the Three Peaks Challenge again! After a successful experience last year, our team is ready to beat the peaks again.

If you're wanting to support the team then please donate below as we raise month for #AndysManClub

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